Shawn Long, Owner

Daniel Coffman, Director of Sales

Erich Wilson, Foreman

Shana Collins, Office Manager

Ann Fazande, Service Coordinator  

Terry Milne, Installation Coordinator

With Long's Irrigation and Landscaping, you can feel confident you will be taken care of through each step of your project.

Company Profile

Longs Irrigation and Landscaping Company, Inc.


Founded: 1999

Owner: Shawn Long

License # 17538

Areas of expertise:  Irrigation System Installations & Repair, Drainage Solutions, Landscaping, and Outdoor Living Areas

Our Office Staff

Decades of experience. Professionalism at its best. Family owned business with ethics you can trust. 


At Long's Irrigation and Landscaping Company, our goal is to exceed your expectations. Whether the job is a small residential sprinkler system installation or a million dollar commercial landscaping endeavor, the outcome is just as important to each client. The combined experience of our team is sure to cover virtually any situation that may arise. Not all jobs can be completed smoothly, and hiring a company who can handle the unexpected with an unprecedented level of professionalism, like Long's Irrigation and Landscaping, can be the difference between the seamless execution of your project with spectacular results or embarking on a journey filled with pitfalls and setbacks that leaves you disappointed.  

Professionalism. Integrity. Experience.